Around Town with

Stavely FCSS 

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Stavely FCSS office is located upstairs at the 

Stavely Youth Hall.  

Office hours are Mondays and Tuesdays 

from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  

Everyone is welcome to stop by and visit.   

Questions and ideas always welcome.   

What Is FCSS?

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a unique 80/20 funding partnership between the Government of Alberta and participating municipalities or Métis Settlements. Provincially, the FCSS Program receives its mandate from the Family and Community Support Services Act and Regulation.

The Regulation sets out the service requirements that a municipality or Métis Settlement must meet to be eligible for funding. Section 2.1(1)(a) of the FCSS Regulation states: “Services under a program must be of a preventive nature that enhances the social well-being of individuals and families through promotion or intervention strategies provided at the earliest opportunity.” Section 2.1(2)(b) states: “Services under a program must do one or more of the following:

  1. -help people to develop independence, strengthen coping skills and become more resistant to crisis;
  2. -help people to develop an awareness of social needs;
  3. -help people to develop interpersonal and group skills which enhance constructive relationships among people;
  4. -help people and communities to assume responsibility for decisions and actions which affect them;
  5. -provide supports that help sustain people as active participants in the community.”

At the local level, a municipality or Métis Settlement Council chooses whether to establish an FCSS Program and enters into an agreement with the Government of Alberta to jointly fund projects/services. These projects/services depend on community resources, often involving volunteers in management and delivery.

The FCSS philosophy is based on a belief that self-help contributes to a sense of integrity, self-worth and independence. Programs developed are intended to help individuals in their community to adopt healthy lifestyles, thereby improving the quality of life and building the capacity to prevent and/or deal with crisis situations should they arise.

One of the key principles of the FCSS Program is local responsibility for priority setting and resource allocation. Within the parameters of the FCSS Act and Regulation, each municipality or Métis Settlement determines how the FCSS funding they receive should be allocated to best meet the needs of their community. Local FCSS Programs are part of the larger provincial Program that collectively helps to ensure that Albertans have access to a strong network of prevention supports. 


Stavely Home Help program available offering short term help to residents of Stavely and surrounding areas.  This program has staff available to help residents with household tasks and errands, for a short term period.  This is a subsidized program no qualifiers.    Contact the office for further information.

Program offered to school age children after school during regular LRSD school days - approx. 3:30 - 6 p.m.
Need to pre-register for program.  
$20 snack fee.
Looking for new teacher and staff for 2018 - 2019 school year. 
Contact FCSS at [email protected] or phone: 403-489-1661 if interested in employment for Homework Club.

PLAYSCHOOL - is now accepting registration for 2018-2019 year
Playschool program is for children ages 3-5 and operates out of the Stavely Youth Hall. 
Days are Monday and Wednesday mornings.  9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.  
One parent helper attends each class.
Students are completing Handwriting Without Tears program
Playschool will have a monthly newsletter and calendar
High School Work Experience Students



As our playschool program is licensed, subsidy is HERE  for the Alberta Child Care Subsidy Estimator- note: when filling in the estimator fields, Stavely and Claresholm are in the "Calgary and Area CFSA".  Also, You must fill in all areas for child age, even if it is '0'. Please do not hesitate to check this calculator, even if you do not think you qualify. For example, a family with 3 children and an income of $55,000 qualifies for subsidy.


A bin continues at the Skating Rink for people to share used skates and helmets. I am told this program is used and appreciated. There are also Kidsport applications. Thank you to Lorna for her assistance!

Contact FCSS at [email protected] or phone: 403-489-1661 if interested in employment for Summer Fun.

- Community Easter Party 
- Santa Skate
- Stavely Townwide Garage Sale

The Porcupine Hills Early Childhood Coalition was formed to address the information collected from a study completed by Alberta kindergarten teachers about how ready children were to start school. The study was designed to identify early childhood issues and present the statistics regionally. The coalition now moving forward to receive our local information.  A coordinator has been hired and is gathering early childhood assets for our region. Stay tuned for more local information. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact our office. 
- Funding provided for Play Bins 


Meets the first Friday and some Saturday workshops.


Once again FCSS will offer, for Seniors and people with low Income, no cost Income Tax preparation through the Claresholm FCSS office. Please call the office for more information.